Check Out The New Justice League Trailer

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The trailer includes an intro to The Flash that we'd already seen from, but here we get to see the Scarlet Speedster actually outrunning blasts from close range.

The moment DC fans have been waiting for has arrived, as Warner Bros. have released the first full trailer for the upcoming Justice League movie. Amy Adams appears as Lois Lane while J.K. Simmons will be playing Commissioner Gordon.

The new trailer doesn't fail to deliver glimpses of action and style. "A war is coming", Wayne has said, and he needs the "Justice League" to protect the world.

Justice League has officially dropped the first trailer and we are convinced that it might end up being the greatest superhero movie of all time.

Between Aquaman free-riding on the Batmobile to Batman admitting his only superpower is his wealth, "Justice League" has the momentum trending on its side early on.

And, Batman V Superman wasn't the only DC movie that divided critics previous year. Although he was killed off in Batman v Superman, the Man Of steel is widely thought to come back from the dead in Justice League.

So the search begins as Wayne sets out to recruit the likes of Aquaman, The Flash, and Cyborg played by Jason Momoa, Ezra Miller, and Ray Fisher respectively.

While "Suicide Squad" and the Snyder's previous two DC ventures were box office successes, "Wonder Woman" and "Justice League" will look to unite fan and critic's reaction.

The movie is a flawless combination of superheroes and it will hit the screens on November 17.