Bates Motel Finally Did Psycho's Shower Scene - but With a Huge Twist!

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Deflated, he decides to take a shower, which as you can guess, doesn't end particularly well for him.

In the previous episode, Rihanna/Marionchecked in to the eponymous motel to hide out after stealing $400,000 from her boss, and it was assumed that this week we'd finally get a reenactment of the iconic shower murder scene from the 1960 horror classic.

Some horror fans felt a slight disturbia with this refusal to adhere to the traditional narrative, but as fans of Bates Motel will know, things happen very differently in the show's White Pine Bay, Oregon than they do in the movie's Fairvale, California. With "Marion", Bates doubled-down on that, changing up the iconic shower scene in a way that was smart and also necessary. "All my life, I've played by the rules", Crane says. But the episode's big surprise was that she didn't die.

But "Psycho" fans yearning for a shower-stabbing scene weren't left completely disappointed. (Also, this scene was brutal as fuck, as opposed to the chocolate syrup innocence of Alfred Hitchcock's film.) Rather than letting Norma's persona take over his conscience, Norman instead lets her control him as Norman proper, adding another interesting adjustment to the scene. He chose to wait for her by taking a shower to gather his bearings for a minute as his life fell apart, and then Norman came in - as himself, not disassociated as Norma (Vera Farmiga) - and stabbed the awful two-timer to death in the shower. Get away. Forget this place. She - actually his own mind taking the form of his dead mother - told him that now that he knows, he has to feel the pain and know who he is and what he does. And while Norman struggles to fight his hallucinations all episode, Sam becomes his "first murder of clarity". Freddie Highmore and Vera Farmiga continued their consistently excellent work this episode.

With the series coming to a close, Bates Motel has finally caught up to its predecessor. The internal story of that, for a woman, is a really interesting one.