Abby Lee Miller quits 'Dance Moms' before fraud sentencing

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Get ready to say goodbye to Abby Lee Miller, "Dance Moms" fans.

The Dance Moms star has left the Lifetime series that made her famous after seven seasons.

In a shocking post, Miller explained that she will "no longer take part in Dance Moms".

The reality show, which began in 2011, has remained a strong player for network Lifetime with its a kitsch glimpse into the highly competitive world of pre-teen dance contests. According to US Magazine, the money involved was reported to be income from various talent fees and projects from "Dance Mom" and "Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition". She is awaiting sentencing. Keep shining in the spotlight Ms. Abby", one person wrote, while another criticized the dance instructor's outburst, "OMG, she's a child. Abby's problem lies with the adult men behind Dance Moms.

The main charges laid against Miller are attempting to hide $US775,000 in earnings gained from the series and related work during a time when she was going through Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Miller owns and serves as chief choreographer of the studio. "She filmed three episodes and then she was supposed to come back the fourth week and then Abby came back". On Rumfallo's Instagram account, she shared their photo in what looks like a practice session. The reason might surprise you, though, as it has nothing to do with her legal troubles.

The trouble between Miller and Dance Moms has been brewing for some time, as the dance coach expressed her frustrations with the production to ET at the OK! However, the ex-host might not be crying wolf this time as she is less than two months away from a long-delayed sentencing hearing that could see her behind bars for more than two years for fraud. Could the show survive without her?

Student Kendall Vertes said during a live video on Instagram that "Abby is insane!"

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