United Nations condemns North Korean missile launch and tests

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"Just about every time the North Koreans tried to launch an advanced missile, it seemed to end up in the ocean seconds later", wrote David E. Sanger for The New York Times.

"North Korea completed preparations for an underground nuclear explosion". Tillerson's comments did not come in isolation.

"The launch and engine test are in grave violation of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea's global obligations under United Nations Security Council resolutions 1718 (2006), 1874 (2009), 2087 (2013), 2094 (2013), 2270 (2016), and 2321 (2016)", according to a Security Council press statement. The North Korean regime, led by Kim Jong-un, is engaged in a remorseless quest to develop nuclear weapons and intercontinental missiles capable of delivering them. In fact, it is so mad it has suspended operations of a travel agency providing 300,000 visas into China for South Koreans, primarily business people, urged a boycott of South Korean products (China is South Korea's largest trading partner) and canceled tours by South Korean entertainers popular in China.

North Korea appears ready for another round of nuclear weapons testing, South Korea's military said Friday. We had no way to defend against Soviet missiles in the 1950s, nor Chinese missiles in the 1960s. From its leaders' standpoint, the nation's very survival is at stake.

The article defended the legitimacy of early March's ballistic rocket-launch drill, arguing that no one has the "right to denounce" the drill as it is "normal training" responding to the "nuclear war moves of the enemies including the U.S".

The American military detected what it assessed as a failed North Korean missile launch on Wednesday morning, the U.S. Pacific Command said in a statement. The invasion of Iraq in 2003, for instance, was a preventive war, not an act of preemption. The north would also reportedly continue building an inter-continental ballistic missile system capable of striking US and South Korean targets. And an accomodationist definition of U.S. China has been reluctant to cut ties with Pyongyang, though recently opted to cease importing North Korean coal for the rest of the year.

The same applies today to North Korea.

After all, China is bearing some of the strategic costs of North Korea's weapons programs. The North Koreans have less than 20. "If the businessmen-turned-U.S. officials thought that they would frighten us, they would soon recognize that their method would not work". The Times recommends for China to continue participating in some sanctions against North Korea, but not all. They have shown little interest, possibly because they do not really disagree about the threat THAAD represents. More than 20 years ago, we struck a deal with the North that froze plutonium production for nearly a decade before the deal collapsed: They cheated and we caught them.

It is argued that in worldwide relations, the longest-lasting deals are usually those that make all parties equally unhappy, although the deal, is a catastrophic mistake of historic proportions.

Amid heightened tensions between the US and China over deployment of a USA anti-missile system in South Korea, experts suggest the United States should again send a clear message during an expected summit next month that the US action is not intended as aggressive. There will be no progress in ensuring global nuclear stability without cooperation between the United States and Russian Federation. Their close alliance with the USA and the constant threat of spiralling chaos from the North means their strategic focus is narrow and predictable. For all those years, we have relied on deterrence and the promise of devastating retaliation. If the U.S.is going to abandon this logic now, it should be done with great care, and with the full understanding that we are risking war.

Aurelia George Mulgan is a Professor at the University of New South Wales, Canberra.

The attempted missile launch comes at a time of heightened tensions in the region, with the United States and South Korea conducting joint military exercises aimed at countering the North Korean threat and the Trump administration clearly signaling it is prepared to use force to stop the Kim regime.