Paul Manafort volunteers to testify in Russian Federation probe

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Talk turned to the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Devin Nunes (R) of California, whose panel has been investigating Russian interference in the U.S. election, and his charge this week that President Trump's transition team had been subject to surveillance by United States intelligence.

The most prominent Republican to back the formation of an independent commission is Senator John McCain, chairman of the Armed Services Committee, who is identified with an ultra-hawkish foreign policy stance towards Russian Federation.

It was not clear whether Manafort had offered to testify under oath or in a public hearing.

FBI Director James Comey and NSA head Admiral Mike Rogers testified at a public hearing on Monday at which Comey confirmed for the first time that the FBI is investigating possible ties between Republican President Donald Trump´s campaign as Moscow sought to influence the 2016 election.

And it looks like Manafort may be the subject of another FBI investigation. "That's never happened before", he said.

This dispute began Wednesday when Nunes held a snap press conference to announce that a source had revealed to him "dozens of reports" showing that unnamed USA intelligence agencies had collected information about Trump or members of his transition team as part of their "normal foreign surveillance".

"I have a lot more friends, that's definitely for sure", Nunes told McClatchy back in December.

The committee's ranking Democrat, Adam Schiff of California, denounced the postponement, saying it was part of an effort by the White House to "choke off public information". Now what are becoming daily briefings are being done separately.

It also may mean that Nunes is just trying to make House Democrats sweat, particularly Rep. Adam Schiff, who has been out front and center, ragging on Nunes all week for telling the President about Obama's super-secret surveillance plans before Nunes told the committee's Democrats. As of Friday, Schiff said the information had not been provided.

House leaders should, as the Post demands, "put an end to the embarrassing travesty being directed by Mr. Nunes" and we should turn our attention instead to the investigation of Nunes himself.

"One of the key priorities of any investigation is to maintain its legitimacy and integrity", Jones said.

The latest example is the House committee, run by Republican Devin Nunes, who suggested that conversations with Trump associates were picked up in the course of investigating foreign intelligence targets.

Some work! On March 22, I learned with the rest of America that Nunes, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, hustled over that very day to the White House.

Nunes said he was there for additional meetings "to confirm what I already knew" but said he wouldn't comment further so as to not "compromise sources and methods". A new date has not been set.

Mr Nunes' behaviour and the cancelling of the hearing have raised questions over the credibility of the committee's investigation.

"The chairman of House Intel briefed the commander-in-chief on something that has nothing to do with the Russian Federation investigation", Gowdy said on "Face the Nation". On Thursday, the AP reported that the USA government obtained records of offshore financial transactions involving Manafort as part of a federal anti-corruption probe into his work in Eastern Europe.

Nunes apologized on Thursday to members of the committee, which was scheduled to hold its second hearing of the investigation next week.

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Nunes represents California's 22nd congressional district, and has served in the House of Representatives since 2003. If the foreign target happens to contact a USA citizen, the NSA can still spy on the communications.

Warner said he's open to an independent probe, but said there are hurdles to creating a commission.

"It doesn't get any more independent than that...", he said.

To false accusations leveled against our last president must be added Devin Nunes' own leak of classified information - right after complaining about the leak of classified information. "I always play politics the way it is supposed to be played", Stone said.