Hannity angry at treatment by CBS in interview

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Mr Koppel, a host of ABC's Nightline for 25 years, said that Mr Hannity was right that the U.S. is "stuck in an ideological rut" but said that programmes like Mr Hannity's "as popular as they are, haven't helped". In a contentious interview on CBS' "Sunday Morning," Koppel unmasked Hannity as nothing more than an ideologue dressed as a news host.

"Do you think we're bad for America?" Baquet challenged that very notion, telling Koppel, " I don't think it's my job to heal America.

Koppel: No, let me finish the sentence before you do that.

But Hannity defended the nature of his program as "the editorial page of a newspaper", explaining there was no pretence with regards to his show because he is public about his conservative views. During a CBS Sunday Morning segment on the polarization of the United States, Koppel explores why it is that 81 percent of voters say they can't agree with the other side on even basic facts. Hannity replied. "Socialism must be defeated in a political sense".

But it was Baquet's response to a question from Koppel about whether there was "any way that the extraordinarily influential New York Times can help to close the gap", to "heal the rift" between red and blue America that was notable.

Mr Hannity ran through a list of what he considers former President Obama's economic failures, saying that there is "an information crisis in this country".

"No, I think you should take him literally".

Hannity claims he repeatedly asked Koppel during the interview to keep important statements Hannity made throughout the interview in the final cut, statements Hannity says did not appear in the version CBS aired.

The Fox News host accused CBS of cutting out footage of him listing examples of media bias to back up his argument that "journalism is dead".

Hannity: You are selling the American people short.