Canada may legalise cannabis by Canada Day 2018

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Canada's Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau set off controversy in 2013 when he told a Kelowna, B.C., audience: "I actually do not favor decriminalization: I favor legalization of marijuana".

A report Monday said the Liberal government will announced the legislation next month and that it would take effect by Canada Day, 2018.

Former Toronto police chief Bill Blair, whom Trudeau appointed as a pot point man, was in Ottawa for the weekend retreat to brief the Liberal caucus on how the marijuana bill will unfold next month and over the next year.

Manitoba pot advocates are thrilled to hear the country will legalize marijuana for Canada Day next year.

The frenzy surrounding Canada's marijuana market intensified today after a report the government will unveil plans to legalize sales for recreational use in April.

The Liberals' plan will also, reportedly, give the federal government control over the companies producing recreational pot by issuing licenses, like it does with the current regime for medical marijuana patients.

Provinces would also control the price, along with how the drug is bought and sold, according to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), which first reported the plans.

The Trudeau administration is mulling legalisation of marijuana by July 2018 in Canada, according to reports. Canadians who want to grow their own marijuana will be limited to four plants per household.

Marijuana legalization was a high-profile campaign promise for Trudeau.

The point was underscored days later as police carried out raids on more a dozen marijuana dispensaries across the country, laying charges of possession and trafficking on almost 20 people.

Ottawa says legal pot under a new strict regulation regime will make it easier to keep it away from young people, to pull profits from organised crime, to reduce the burden on police and the justice system, and to improve public health.