Adele: "I Don't Know If I Will Ever Tour Again"

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Adele told Auckland concertgoers that she might not tour again.

The 28-year-old admitted to Auckland concertgoers that her stage fright is still very much an issue, leaving her uncertain if she'll "ever tour again", reports the New Zealand Herald.

Adele's Australasian tour began in Perth, with a sold-out crowd of 65,000 fans and was the fastest sell out and the highest-selling concert ever at the West Australian Football Commission.

'The only reason I've toured is you.

Promoter Michael Coppel said it had been "a privilege and truly a career highlight" to present her first tour down under.

Adele reveals she has to sneak on stage in a box Box clever.

"It's actually getting worse", continued Adele of her stage freight during the tour stop a year ago.

"Who wants to make a bet with me I'll fall over at some stage ... or get electrocuted by my microphone."

"Touring isn't something I'm good at".

Her latest tour began in February 2016, and when it concludes in July, it will have encompassed more than 120 shows on three continents.

At some point, she got married (she only just announced the marriage during a recent concert, so the timing isn't confirmed).

And through it all, she's delivered voice and personality - the most recent show was no exception, at which she made fans laugh even as rain poured down in buckets. "I'd hate to book a festival and have a f*****g anxiety attack and then not go on stage".

And during the show, she said that this might be the last time she hits the road.

During a show in Auckland last night, the United Kingdom songstress insinuated that this would likely be her final tour for the foreseeable future. She has four further shows scheduled at London's Wembley Stadium this summer.