Trump vows 'great' plan to replace Obamacare

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He said Trump had "really been fantastic", but when asked how Republicans could face voters after their failure to make good on years of promises, he quietly said: "It's a really good question". In the U.S. legislature this week, however, it failed him.

With a vote set to occur Friday afternoon, Republican leaders instead chose to pull the bill from the floor amid widespread reports that they did not have the votes to pass it. House Speaker Paul Ryan met with President Trump, who had wanted a vote Friday, shortly before that decision was made.

The American Health Care Act was the first major piece of legislation pushed by the White House and the Republican-controlled Congress, a key political test early in the president's term, when he should be at the height of his power and party cohesion at its strongest.

Steve Bannon, founding member of alt-right platform Breitbart News and current White House chief strategist, is telling the President to keep a "sh*t list" of the GOP House members, who opposed his efforts at passing an Obamacare repeal-and-replace. "With no Democrat support we couldn't quite get there", he added.

"Yes, this makes tax reform more hard but not impossible", Speaker Ryan said in a briefing Friday evening.

None of the chamber's 193 Democrats supported dismantling President Obama's signature 2010 health care law, which is struggling under increasing costs and fewer insurance policy choices for Americans. Newborn care. Mental health.

The outcome leaves both Ryan and Trump weakened politically.

Rep. Peter King (R-Seaford), in an interview with WNYM/AM 970 radio host John Catsimatidis, like Trump, blamed his party's far-right wing for trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act "overnight" but said he believes bipartisanship is the necessary next step.

The bill was withdrawn just minutes before the House vote was to occur, and lawmaker said there were no plans to revisit the issue.

"We learned about loyalty, we learned a lot about the vote-getting process", he said.

"Democrats are smiling in D.C. that the Freedom Caucus, with the help of Club For Growth and Heritage, have saved Planned Parenthood & Ocare!" he tweeted early Sunday, two days after he and Republican leaders cancelled a House vote on repealing Obamacare that was headed for failure.

Schumer said, "The border wall should be talked about, shouldn't be rammed down people's throats for a whole bunch of reasons". "'It's enough already, ' he said of the negotiations", she reported on Twitter. But most members of the House Freedom Caucus - a group of roughly three-dozen conservatives - refused to go along with the bill, arguing that it did not go far enough in repealing Obama's health care reform.

Several members of Michigan's congressional delegation spoke on the Friday while lawmakers debated a bill to overhaul the nation's health care system.

The House vote was originally scheduled for Thursday, March 23, but Republicans were unable to reach a consensus and delayed the vote until Friday. Courts have quashed its immigration restrictions and a national security advisor has resigned amid a continuing inquisition into the Trump campaign's ties to Russian Federation.

The CBO score raised a red flag for moderate House and Senate Republicans, causing some to call on House GOP leaders to make changes or scrap the bill and start over.

PRESIDENT Donald Trump has suffered a huge defeat after his big campaign pledge to replace Obamacare was "ditched" in Congress.

The House of Representatives on Friday pulled what would have been the worst health care plan in American history. The latter bloc feared what the bill, projected to lead to 24 million more uninsured over the next decade, would mean for their constituents. "It's more complicated. But even more to the point, the president campaigned as a populist against the Democratic and Republican establishments".

"So, the Democrats don't want to see that. It's imploding and soon will explode and it's not going to be pretty", he said.