Toddler and Newborn Found Dead; Father Arrested

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Hoke County Sheriff's Office Sheriff Hubert Peterkin told The Fayetteville Observer that the girls' bodies were found at around 2 a.m. Saturday, inside a parked vehicle in a wooded area in the Raeford area, which is about 35 minutes outside of Fayetteville.

On Friday, law enforcement officials arrested 30-year-old Tillman Freeman III on "two counts of child endangerment and two counts of child abuse".

Deputies say the girls were found off of NC Highway 211 and Army Road in Raeford and were stabbed to death.

Tillman Freeman lll a 30 year old Raeford, North Carolina, father has been charged with two counts of first degree murder after the man stabbed to death his four day old son and the boy's two year old sister before dumping their bodies in an abandoned vehicle.

Sheriff Hubert Peterkin, of the Hoke County Sheriff's Office, spoke with reporters about the grisly murders and stated, "It was horrific". On Friday, the Fayetteville Police Department said the children's father, Tillman Freeman, was in custody and had refused to say where the children were. He said that everybody was taking the deaths of the two young girls "real hard". According to the coroner's report, both children have been stabbed multiple times before being shoved in the back of Freeman's truck.

After the bodies were discovered Saturday, Freeman was charged with two additional counts of first-degree murder.

Freeman and his wife had an argument during which he accused her of cheating on him. The children were reported missing following a domestic dispute. Peterkin said Freeman took the two girls with him and "left in a rage". He was jailed under no bond.

Marvina Smith, Genesis and Serenity's aunt, told the reporters that it was she who had to break the news to the children mother.

It is not known at this time whether Freeman has entered a plea.