The First Justice League Trailer Is Here

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Directed by Zack Snyder of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, the Justice League movie will be setting up a series of solo movies for each of the superheroes involved.

Another disappointment was that the Justice League is shown fighting against an army of Parademons, a fictional group of aliens.

In viewing the preview, one can realize the director's excitement when explaining his newest movie, slated for release November 2017.

HollywoodLifers, do you love Jason's look in the new Justice League trailer? The great thing about the trailer is that it actually gives away very little of the plot and introduces a concept not previously seen in Snyder's MurderVerse: fun. Now, although The Flash and Aquaman definitely shine in the trailer, the appearance of lesser known Cyborg has caused some fans to express their concern. In this film, it is Batman who gathers up the supergroup in his effort to protect the world.

Superman is conspicuously absent in the trailer. "And, I loooove it (sic)", an excited fan shared along with a GIF showcasing the scene where Arthur Curry aka Aquaman controls the menacing oceans with his weapon - the trident. Beyond that, not much is revealed about what we can expect from this corner of the DC Films Universe, but it's made clear here that Aquaman is quite clearly one of the most powerful members of this superhero team.

Sticking on the positive side, however, we've trawled through the trailer to pick out the best bits of it. Well you don't have to worry about Justice League because humor is present all over this new trailer. But perhaps it's all laying the groundwork for Justice League 2: The Search for Ben Affleck's Joy. "He's a cyborg." Then we see Cyborg in action in his father's laboratory, on the streets, and surrounded by flames. Aside from that, though, there also looks to be some awesome action and a few moments of levity.

The trailer also features glimpses of Commissioner Gordon (J.K. Simmons) and Louis Lane (Amy Adams). Along with "Wonder Woman", there's a lot riding on "Justice League" to put this cinematic universe on more solid footing.