Iran imposes sanctions on 15 USA companies over support for Israel

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The Foreign Ministry announced in a statement the Islamic Republic of Iran has imposed sanctions on American companies "involved in propping up the Zionist regime [i.e. Israel], terrorists and suppressing civilians in the region", IRNA news reported.

As a result, the U.S. companies in question are prohibited from making any deals with Iranian firms, and former and current top management of the companies will not be eligible for Iranian visas.

U.S. President Trump's administration declared sanctions Friday on a number of foreign companies and persons for purportedly collaborating with weapons initiatives of Iran and North Korea. US lawmakers indicated they would see Iran's Revolutionary Guards listed as a terrorist organization.

Allaeddin Boroujerdi, the head of parliament's national security and foreign policy committee, was quoted by Iranian state television as saying the move to further sanction the Revolutionary Guard goes against the 2015 nuclear deal Iran reached with the United States and other world powers.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry did not specify the names of the companies but said that any transactions with these companies and businesses shall be prohibited, their assets shall be subject to freezing, and no visas shall be issued for individuals holding positions in or associated with these corporations.

Among the companies are major U.S. defense contractor Raytheon, Re/Max Real Estate, gun manufacturer Magnum Research, defense and military equipment producer Oshkosh Corporation, and Elbit Systems. According to the statement released by the ministry, the companies support Israel and the "terrorist actions of the country's government".

Iran would face tighter USA sanctions over ballistic missile launches and other non-nuclear activities under a bill announced on Thursday by a bipartisan group of senators, reports Reuters.

A senior Iranian lawmaker also said Iran would consider a bill branding the U.S. military and the Central Intelligence Agency as terrorist groups if the U.S. Congress designates Iran's Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization.

The sanctioned companies also included ITT Corporation, United Technologies and specialty vehicles maker Oshkosh Corp.