Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds to be honoured at public memorial

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As we reported, Fisher and Reynolds died within one day of each other in late December.

It can be remembered that Carrie Fisher died in December past year suffering from a heart attack.

Reynolds' son, Todd Fisher, told Variety not long ago that the memorial was what his mother would have wanted. Nearly three months after the tragic loss of the veteran stars, filmmaker Todd Fisher has revealed how his niece Billie Lourd has been coping with the death of her mother and grandmother.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Fisher shared that Reynolds was acting, differently the night after his sister Carrie died. Disney CEO Bob Iger said this week that Fisher appears throughout the film, and her performance will not be changed. "She literally looked at me and said I wanna go be with Carrie". "You know, she's a little like Carrie but she's a lot like my mother, which means she's going to be another Molly Brown", he continued.

"I was like, 'Well, look, fortunately we don't have to face that right now, you know, we just face this, '" he continued, explaining that his mother took the opportunity in the hours before her death to make sure her estate was in order. "No, I don't want a big tomb, I don't want to draw any attention to myself, ' [she said], but now with Carrie gone she said, 'OK.' So we bought this great tomb over at Forest Lawn [cemetery]. If you had told me this story and I wasn't there, I would have a very hard time believing what I saw", he mused.

He added that during their conversation where his mother asked his permission to go, she also went over some of her wishes should she pass. She even returned in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" as General Leia Organa.

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight's Nancy O'Dell, the brother of the Star Wars icon said Lourd is doing the best she can in the wake of losing the two most influential women in her life.