There's 69 new emojis coming including dinosaurs, coconuts and mermaids

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Although the finished emojis will not totally resemble the mocked-up icons created by Emojipedia, it is assumed that they will at least appear similar when released by Apple in June.

More than just a collection of new smiley faces and confusing hand gestures, the new emoji include everything from a T-Rex to a mermaid.

With existing food emoji characters like the taco, hot dog, and cheeseburger, it's easy to forget that your phone's keyboard still lacks one of the most important foods of all time: the sandwich.

The raft of new emoji, which includes a giraffe, broccoli and a pretzel, will be formally rolled out to iOS and Android users later this year.

However, some of the new additions are probably not needed.

There's a zombie emoji - which will be used exclusively for post-hangover Sunday afternoons.


So when we heard the news that another 69 emojis (.nice) are being considered for release this summer, we were SHOOK.

There's also a set of emoji ideal for letting people know they're talking crap, such as the "face with finger covering closed lips", face with raised eyebrow, and laughing behind hand.

The Unicode Consortium has yet to confirm exactly when the new emoji will launch.