Busted for Eating Pancakes

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If you ever get a craving for pancakes, here's a pro tip: You probably shouldn't eat them in the middle of traffic.

Photos shared by the Lakeland Police Department on Facebook show the shirtless Thomas wearing pajama trousers and sitting in front of a small table with pancakes and syrup.

Several people tagged the video with the suspect's name, Kiaron Thomas, 21.

The suspect is seen wearing green pajama trousers and fuzzy slippers.

A man was charged in Lakeland after sitting in a chair and eating pancakes in the middle of a street. When police arrived the man had left. He will appear in court for the pancake prank in April.

Officers determined Thomas lived approximately 100 yards south of the intersection and paid him a visit on Thursday.

Police said because the roadway breakfast prevented vehicles from crossing, they charged him with obstruction in the roadway and disrupting the flow of traffic. Police interviewed Thomas and he admitted that it was a prank.

They were able to locate Thomas after a video of the incident was posted to Facebook and shared with Lakeland Police.