Police warn of new social media prank clogging up 911 lines

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Dallas officials have said that since November some T-Mobile customers who have dialed 911 have inadvertently been making additional calls to the emergency number, rather than a single call. If iPhone users tell Siri the phrase "108", they'll be automatically connected to the 911 dispatch center.

"Calling emergency services in five seconds", is what one will hear if 108 is dialed. Siri should default to thinking that the unlikely event of someone from India, is visiting the USA, would want to call the emergency services, and use the Indian number.

Some people in the US began asking Siri to call 108, after a prank article told them to do so, says APD.

"I dare you to say "108" to Siri from your iPhone and close your eyes", tweeted another user.

The Sacramento Police Department posted to its Facebook page warning people not to fall for the prank, though it omitted the actual phone number.

"The Harris County Sheriff's Office, along with Texas NENA, are encouraging iPhone users NOT to test the "108" command", the Texas department urged in a Facebook post. That is because these numbers connect a caller with emergency services in other countries. It is illegal in many states to place prank 911 calls.

That's because Apple made it easy for people to call emergency services from anywhere in the world.