LaVar Ball gives his opinion on the UCLA and United Kingdom matchup

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Ball also joined Fox Sports Radio and said "I have no problem with LeBron". And that Kobe Bryant's father wasn't all that good, and this is why he's a monster. "Keep my family out of your mouth". "Have you seen one where the superstar's son is just as good or better than him?" All NBA teams must now consider that if they draft Lonzo in 2017, or the other Ball brothers in the future should they make it there, they also draft an overconfident, demanding, and overbearing father whose determination to be a part of his sons' careers questionably mimics a determination of individual success.

After hearing LaVar Ball's comments, Lebron James' paternal instincts kicks in. Unfortunately, it's LaVar's ridiculous words, words said for the sole objective of drawing attention to himself. Do I spent that time with them now?

"I've been getting that since I was 6 years old just for being the son of Doc", Rivers told TMZ recently. I'm talking about a guy who we picture as an icon - a Dr. J, an Allen Iverson, a LeBron James. "But keep my family out of this". LaVar then goes to say that if James' kids fail, people would say that they're soft and that they're not good, and it's all because the expectation is really high.

He added, "So, for LeBron, for him to get touchy because I said that, that's on him".

"I have no problem with LeBron, they asked me a question about if I thought superstar players' kids were good", Ball said. He's better than Steph Curry to me.

You knew it was going to get to this point. "They tried to compare him to Jason Kidd, but if you look at it he's more like Penny Hardaway (with his) size, length, style".

On guaranteeing his Lonzo wins an NCAA championship: "I'm going to tell you right now before you see it", LaVar said during an ESPN broadcast. You think I'm playing?

The game between the Bruins and the Cats is considered one of the highest anticipated games of the Sweet 16, so do not be surprised to hear Ball make more comments leading up to tipoff.