'Justice League' Teaser Valiantly Attempts to Make Aquaman Look Cool

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Now Warner Bros. and DC Comics have released another teaser but this time it focuses on Ben Affleck's Dark Knight. This will be your first reaction to the Justice League teaser trailer that just hit online.

The teaser then confirms that the second Justice League trailer will arrive on Saturday, March 25. Fans can now make profiles after Ben Affleck's Batman, and Jason Mamoa's Aquaman.

In the Aquaman teaser, we see Affleck's Batman handing Jason Momoa's Aquaman the latter's preferred weapon of mass destruction: a trident.

It isn't an exaggeration to say that the future of the DCEU may rest with how Wonder Woman and Justice League perform at the box office. Leading up to the trailer, we've already seen a character tease for Aquaman, and may see more for the other members before the big reveal this weekend.

Fans of the Justice League, rejoice! You try to ignore him, but you can't drown out the fake explosions that plucky little tyke makes as he crashes his plastic Batman and Superman together over and over again. Site users are invited to "join the league" and also create "Justice League"-themed profile pictures for their social media accounts".

While the film is released in November, DC fans can look forward to Wonder Woman's solo outing, starring Gal Gadot, this summer.