Huawei's Mate 9 handset receiving an update to enable Amazon's Alexa

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It's not now compatible with the recently announced Door Lock API, but you can enable and use the vast library of Alexa skills, control your smart home and get updates on the news and weather. Both companies are competing for the top spot in the growing smart home market, with their Alexa and HomeKit-powered platforms, respectively. There's no hot-word detection in the current version of the app, and Huawei didn't reveal any plans to add such functionality.

First, you can't just call up Alexa from across the room as you might with Google Now or Siri on newer iPhones. Huawei was coy when asked If it would be the exclusive Android representative for Alexa, only stating that the Mate 9 experience is superior due to its quad microphone setup. Since Alexa only has a “home location”, it doesnt keep track of where you are. The real question is whether users will actually embrace Alexa on a non-smart-home device and if the service can compete with the assistants already living in their smartphones. It recently enabled guests to listen to music via most radio stations and is about to add a station of songs chosen by Chief Executive Officer Steve Wynn personally, Weaver said.

What do you think now that Alexa has gone mobile?

For instance, you can't yet set alarms. It also says it is working on Mate 9-specific skills and hopes to eliminate the app requirement within the next year.

Huawei said timers/alarms are coming soon. Simply reassign one of the four letters (c, e, m, w) to the Alexa Huawei app to quickly launch the app with your knuckle gesture. This is a pretty big deal for Alexa users, as well as Amazon, as users will be able to use Alexa a whole lot more, which is definitely what Amazon wants to see.

For Marriott's Aloft, a decision between Alexa and Siri could come by summer. During the months in-between Alexa's announcement and release, Google has also started rolling its Assistant out to numerous phones.

What's unclear is how long Alexa will stay exclusive to the Mate 9.