Apple Launches iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus (PRODUCT) Red Special Edition

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With a growing number of Android phones following Apple's lead and ditching the headphone jack, there are also USB-C and microUSB versions of Res.

Previous rumors have suggested the iPhone 8 won't be out on time for Apple's iPhone normal release date in September.

Apple will launch the new iPad, along with red iPhone 7 models, March 24 at a price of $329. Proceeds from RED would be in addition to the $130 million Apple has donated since the partnership began in 2007. The iPhone could also function as a touch-enabled input to replace the touchpad; the iPhone 7 Plus screen happens to be a very similar size to the MacBook trackpad, as Apple Insider points out.

The Product (RED) Apple iPhone 7's 128GB model is available Rs. 70,000 while its 256GB storage model will cost Rs 80,000.

"In China, there might be some consumers who find the red colour appealing, but the impact may be limited if people are holding out for the iPhone 8 launch later this year", said Bryan Ma, the vice-president for devices research at IDC.

One embodiment even shows the accessory being fully controllable by the iPhone that's connected to it. Touch and hold a single button to shoot live video and photos, or add them from the Photo Library. "Clips has dozens of music soundtracks to choose from, and they automatically adjust to match the length of a video".

It's the 10th anniversary of Apple's iPhone, and the company is rumored to be releasing a special device to commemorate the occasion. That made the Jet Black iPhone 7 inherently more expensive than the other color options, which is still the case today. Apple is working to make the Product (RED) Special Edition iPhones in India and the new iPad as well. There's no word on the availability of the new iPad as yet.

Now, the bad: unfortunately, the (RED) iPhone comes with a red and white combination.