Not Maggie Too! Why She's In Danger In 'Walking Dead' Penultimate Episode

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These days, "whomp whomp" seems en vogue. It was very bad, and I'm getting anxious TWD's moments of bad storytelling are starting to get a little more frequent. Rick gets up and follows the tracks to go see Carl. But hey, at least we got a Eugene line, right? There's Sasha, all emo at the Sarge's grave. I am assuming she would kill them.

We discover that Daryl has been punishing himself because he feels a outcome of his action is Glenn's death, something he finally admits to Maggie after she confronts him in the cellar where they hide from the Saviors. What Sasha chooses to do in those ten minutes is up to her. But she hooked up with the Sarge for what couldn't have been more than a couple months.

"You have a certain somebody that now needs to be negan's certain somebody, so what you can do for me is point me in that direction", said Simon.

Although there's a lot of commotion at Hilltop, nothing significant really happens. In fact, he has already had a second chance when Daryl helped him.

In exchange for the doctor, Negan's goons offer a case of aspirin. Daryl Dixon has gone on to carve a very unique character whose Walking Dead storyline can be manipulated any way in which the writers seem fit. She knew him even before Maggie came into the picture. Fans are pretty sure, given that she just launched herself into Negan's compound on a suicide mission this week, that she will live out a comic book character's storyline until the bitter end. Sasha calls her "the future of this place". Negan killed Abraham. That guy has got to go. Did she die? Probably, but they're not letting us know until next episode. Ever try to do that? She presses and he tearily apologizes for not preventing Glenn's death. He says it was. She said the last episode will impact viewers in a powerful way.

"You're one of the good things in this world", Maggie tells him.

But then there are these photos, showing Sasha in one of the cells Daryl was stashed in.

"I think I have proven that I can work with Negan, but I have got to hang on to my people's trust, otherwise you don't know who might take over, someone else might not be so cooperative, they might have insane ideas", said Gregory.

This is how I want Rick to die. When I was first here, I was never here. "That's who you are", he told her. He taught her how to perform a C-section as well. Marcus the mechanic taught her about cars. Rosita explains how she learned skills from different men in her life, then moved on. But it will be deaths that they chose. The Plan B was always going to be the less reliable of their options, so to race in there knowing the likelihood of her success was slim to none, felt weak for a pragmatic strategist who does her best work as a sniper. Backs are had, and the unlikely duo gets ready to rumble.

There's also a glimpse at Negan himself saying, "This could be the beginning", insinuating he may know there's an attack coming. While watching the Sanctuary's courtyard, they see Eugene ordering Saviors around.

It's gotta be him, right? And sometimes in the zombie apocalypse, hope is all you need. Meanwhile, who was that crossbow-slinging figure Rosita came across while making her escape? Not so fast. There's still guns to be given to the Junkyard Dogs, Oceanside ladies to recruit, forces to be united, a grand battle plan to be drawn up, and an affordable babysitter with flexible hours to be found for Judith.