Nevada Athletic Commission reduces Conor McGregor's punishment

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And get this. now the Commission is recommending a rehearing for Nate Diaz as well, who got the same initial punishment as Conor.

LAS VEGAS - The Nevada State Athletic Commission on Wednesday reduced its punishment on UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor regarding an incident from August. Her client has six months to complete the community service, which he can carry out anywhere he wants, according to the agreement.

"I think in combat sports, there's always a puncher's chance", Duffy said on The MMA Hour. "Someone could have gotten really hurt outside of the fighters".

"We keep offering Nate fights, and he keeps turning them down", White previously told TMZ, while in an interview with MMA Mania White said Diaz was "holding out for McGregor". "The Notorious" wasn't pleased with the massive fine and time commitment, asking the commission to review their decision. The UFC Lightweight champion's matchup with Floyd Mayweather will be his first in his boxing career but he is super confident he will get one over the boxing king.

"Even though I was a participant in it, some self-reflection at times is not bad". Diaz was fined $50,000 for his role in the incident.

The 49-fight undefeated specialist of the Sweet Science, Floyd Mayweather came out of the retirement "just to fight Conor McGregor".

The Irishman was not present at the re-hearing, but his lawyer Jennifer Goldstein represented him. "I think this kid can be absolutely huge".

The fight is nearly too easy to predict: McGregor throwing big punches, Mayweather avoiding them easily.

"That fight with Floyd, it's going to happen".

The NSAC unanimously voted in favor of a settlement package that ordered McGregor to pay a $25,000 fine and perform 25 hours of community service. He can complete the hours in the USA or in his hometown of Dublin, according to the commission.

"The line was a little broken, but he apologised profusely, not only to the commission, to the fans, to everybody who had observed that activity, and just said: "Hey, look, I made a mistake, I apologise, I'm asking for your forgiveness".