Kim Kardashian feared she'd be raped & killed during Paris armed robbery

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Unfortunately, the social media heist caused her to lose millions of dollars.

"To my friends, family, and loved ones I can't thank you enough for being there when I needed you the most", Kim said.

Kanye West's latest Yeezy sneaker might drop any day now. It's something she will probably still have to haunt her in many years. Kardashian West definitely opened up and became more vulnerable than ever before.

In the actual episode Kim revealed that she believed she was going to be raped and killed on the night of her Paris robbery. The episode also incorporated actual footage of Kanye stopping a show mid-concert after receiving the horrifying news his wife had been held up overseas.

"It's my job to take care of everybody", she tells the assembled family, as she's seated wearing a camouflage hoodie.

Kardashian West said she heard footsteps, which frightened her, so she called out but received no response.

A French newspaper, Le Journal du Dimanche, (translated by People), recently released Kim's police report, stating that Kim was alone in the room at an unnamed hotel on the night of the incident on October 3. Because of the language barrier, the concierge had to act as an interpreter, adding to the confusion.

"They had to have known we were leaving that I was there by myself". Tell us in the comments. I was kind of looking at the gun, looking down back at the stairs. Kardashian explained how she - in panic mode - tried to think of a plan.

"I'm not going to make it out of here".

"The guy came in and grabbed the phone from me, threw me on the bed, and I was like, 'This is it.' I couldn't understand them, they couldn't understand me. There's no way out". After this experience, Kim changed her focus and once again is putting her marriage and her two children first, which of course is a positive thing. "He duct-taped my legs together". The thieves stole a jewelry box with approximately $6.7 million worth of jewels, before leaving Kardashian bonded and terrified in her hotel bathtub. As she said on KUWTK: "I thought it was important to share this story thought my eyes and not in an interview where my words could be twisted". She knows that if the robbery never happened, these changes wouldn't have happened either.