Google Maps Will Let You Share Location

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Making Google Maps an indispensible app for anyone who either lives, or regularly travels into, a metropolitan area.

Announced today and rolling out soon to all users, Google Maps is adding two new sharing features to its iOS app.

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It is very easy to forget where you parked your vehicle, especially in a huge mall parking lot or on a city street, but Mountain Views' Maps app is here to save the day. This is a thoughtful and welcome feature, and should prove to be extremely useful. Users simply need to open the side menu or tap on the blue dot that locates you, then hit the Share Location option. Then you tap on the "Share location" option, and finally you select which of your family, friends or other contacts you want to inform where you are, and how long you want to share that location info.

One of the best little features in Waze is the ability to share your location and ETA with a contact. The reason that this is cool (and not scary) is that the user can choose with whom they share the location, and for how long it is shared. If you'd like to share your location with a friend or family member, that option is available as well. That way you don't have to call them and ask them how far away they are.

Seen in version v9.49 (the latest full version is 9.48.2), the new feature is as simple as most Maps tools.

You can also share your location from navigation to let your friends know exactly where you are and when you'll arrive. "I think we've added a lot here in terms of control", says product manager Ben Greenwood, noting that the new location sharing features were designed more for short-term use than the "always-on" location sharing that was the default in Latitude.

The location-sharing feature will debut Wednesday in an update to the Google Maps app and on personal computers.