Twitter removes hundreds of thousands of terror accounts

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Since August 2015, over 636,000 Twitter accounts were shut down because of links to terrorism.

The company's statistics show that it had to ban over 375,000 accounts for spouting hateful rhetoric in the last half of 2016 alone, bringing the total number of accounts banned for such behavior to over 630,000. The government TOS requests included in the table above represent less than 2 percent of all suspensions in the reported time period. Of the 376,890 accounts Twitter suspended for posting terrorism-related content, just two percent were suspended because of government requests to remove them from the platform. Almost three quarters of those suspensions were caught by the company's own tools, Twitter said.

Twitter said it will continue sharing updates about its efforts to combat extremism, in its transparency report.

Twitter said it had received 88 such requests, but had not taken any action on the majority of these requests.

Behind the scenes, we've begun the necessary work to include details about terms of service requests we receive from official government requesters through our standard customer-support channels (as opposed to the data we already include based on legal requests).

Twitter dramatically increased its self-policing in summer 2015 after a study earlier that year by George Washington University identified the social media platform as a major conduit for ISIS outreach. The company complied with approximately 82% of those requests and provided "some information".

While we're excited to have reached our 10th report, there is still plenty of work to be done.