Postponed North Korea-Malaysia match to be played on June 8

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Malaysian authorities say Kim Jong Nam died after two women smeared his face with the banned VX nerve agent at Kuala Lumpur's airport on February 13, but North Korea which is widely suspected to be behind the attack rejects the findings.

The News Straits Times earlier reported that the body belonging to the estranged half brother to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was embalmed on Sunday at a private facility. "But they (North Korea) have to ask themselves if they have listened to previous demands by worldwide bodies", the minister said.

Kim Jong Nam is known to have at least three children, Kim Han Sol, who was recently said to have featured in a short video about his father's death, as well as another son and daughter. "We have also told them (North Korea) to come back with a neutral venue, in the event the diplomatic situation is not solved".

He did not say why the government had decided on the expulsion despite Kuala Lumpur's bar on North Korean nationals leaving the country - a tit-for-tat measure put in place after Pyongyang prohibited Malaysians from leaving its borders last week.

Kim Jong-nam was not known to be seeking political power, but his position as eldest son of the family that has ruled North Korea since it was founded could have made him appear to be a danger to his half-brother Kim Jong-un.

Two-thirds of the 39 countries that North Koreans can travel to without a visa are in Asia and Africa, including Cambodia, Mongolia, Mozambique, Tanzania and Uganda.

Yun appreciated Singapore's "faithful implementation" of United Nations Security Council resolutions, stressing the importance of keeping the pressure put in order to reconfigure North Korea's strategic calculus, according to the ministry. Currently, nine Malaysians - three diplomats and their family members - are stranded in North Korea.

The country's deputy prime minister said Kim was identified through a DNA sample taken from one of his children. Malaysia's Ambassador to North Korea Mohamad Nizan Mohamad was recalled by his government last month.

The body is being kept at a morgue at a Kuala Lumpur hospital.

The workers were employed in mines and construction sites in the state. The suspects have been arrested and charged with the murder.