Google updates Search app with a new web app launcher

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The app will learn from your tapping habits, so Google will place the most used shortcuts on the homepage and Android users can tap an arrow to see the other available options.

Exhausted of typing? The new shortcuts allow you to stay informed by employing a few, simple taps.

On May 21, Google announced an update to its Search feature: a new option that allows you to simply "tap" on shortcuts located underneath the search box.

"Getting up-to-the-minute info is as easy as a single tap".

The shortcuts appear at the top of the Google app or mobile site just below the search box. "Need to know whether to bring a raincoat tomorrow?"

For a peek at the new shortcuts, check out the video below. There are "lifestyle" categories as well, so you can explore the latest trending TV shows, movies that are playing in your neighborhood and sports scores. Looking for something to eat for lunch or dinner? This is to say that Google's search homepage for mobile, now comes bundled with shortcuts for areas of interests such as weather, sports, food, drinks and entertainment. The weather tab displays hourly sky conditions, the chance of rain, severe weather alerts, and a detailed 10-day forecast. Unfortunately for iOS users, a few tappable shortcuts will be exclusive to Android, such as currency converter, Solitaire, tip calculator and animal sounds. The design nearly feels as if Google is trying to now cater to a less-savvy internet user - one who didn't know that Google could surface this type of information, and would turn to other apps instead.