Google Announces Android O and Developer Preview is Now Available

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With Android O, Google will making using password managers a lot easier.

Of course, Google hasn't revealed all the new goodies in Android O-the name, for example, is still unknown.

O boy, the developer preview of Android O is here. It's all to ensure Android O is ready for the platform's massive number of users. There will likely be a separate beta program for a wider range of consumers to test out the operating system before its general release.

Though most Android users are only now starting to get the Android 7.0 Nougat update for their mobile devices, the latest reports suggest that Google is already hard at work on the next version of its mobile operating system (OS) - Android O. It's Android 7.1.2. While other phones have yet to receive the chunky update, most Google-branded devices are nearly ready for another round of update. He's very talkative and enjoys discussing anything from technology and sports to video games and television.

Building on news earlier this week that the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are being developed under the codenames "muskie" and "walleye", Droid Life has confirmed "via multiple sources" that a third Pixel is also in development called "taimen". Justin is patiently waiting for the day that Google replicates the Galaxy Nexus with modern day specifications.

Other features include Picture-in-Picture, which will allow you to have an overlay video window when working in another app. This means that developers can bundle a font of their choice for their app and use it as they please more easily than before.

The Android O (Orange Jello?) Developer Preview contains an updated SDK with system images that can be tested on the Android emulator. In Android Nougat, you simply got the time in the upper-left corner and then a few toggles below it.

In keeping with the new release schedule it established a year ago with N, today Google has made Android O official.

Apart from this, there are no more details available about the device right now.

Starting with "new notifications", it's not clear what this feature actually means and how it could be implemented in Android O.

The full developer preview for Android O can be found here.

Adaptive icons: This lets developers create adaptive icons that display in different shapes, based on a mask selected by the device.

If you're enrolled in the Android developer preview, check out the gesture and tell us how it works for you.