Coin-Eating Sea Turtle Dies After Undergoing Second Operation

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Piggy Bank, a female green sea turtle, became famous with tourists who visited her as she ate almost 1,000 good luck coins donated by visitors to her home in the eastern town of Sri Racha. Eventually, the money formed a weight that cracked Bank's shell.

The cause of death was blood poisoning from the loose change, said Dr Achariya Sailasuta, a professor at the veterinary faculty at Bangkok's Chulalongkorn University.

"She at least had the chance to swim freely and eat happily before she passed" said Dr. Nantarika Chansue.

The reptile has lived in the small public park for over 20 years in Chonburi Province.

The green sea turtle named Omsin, "piggy bank" in Thai, began having trouble swimming, being it swallowed 11 pounds of coins that tourists thew into the its pond to make a wish - something vets have urged the public to stop.

Omsin, estimated to be 25 years old, had been rescued by Thai navy personnel who saw her visibly ailing in the seaside town of Sattahip.

By the time they were removed, she was carrying 5kg (11lb) of coins. Sadly, the she slipped into a coma and died on the morning of March 21, the vet revealed.

Despite her tragic end, vets in Thailand hope her death will act as a warning and save others from the same fate.

"We did the emergency corrective operation, but her recovery was so slow", Chansue explained on Facebook. However, a gap in her stomach from the removal of the coins reportedly caused her intestines to become tangled, causing acute infection in the intestines that also blocked blood flow.

In the country many believe this brings good luck, but, sadly, Bank mistook the coins for food.