Can't find a Nintendo Switch? Here's some good news for you

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It has been quite hard buying a Nintendo Switch console over in North America. Initial sales on this have been phenomenal.

Starting from before the launch of the Nintendo Switch, there have been several reports on connectivity issue with the left Joy-Con of the hybrid console.

Since the launch of the Nintendo Switch at the beginning of March, there have been reports of the left Joy-Con having connection issues with the console. That number has now been updated to 16 million during the fiscal year following April 2017. On the contrary, 101 million units of the original Wii were sold, with 20 million units sold in its first year alone. After being launched on March 3, the Nintendo Switch went out of stock really fast and we had even suggested a workaround to get the console immediately then. He also assured that the stocks for Nintendo Switch, Nintendo NES Classic Edition will be hitting back the stores soon. Furthermore, it can also be recalled that retailers from different parts of the globe, especially in the United Kingdom, have expressed uncertainty as to when their stocks for the Switch replacement docks will be replenished.

The Nintendo NES saw worldwide success and has changed the course of gaming history with it's release. If you want one, you may have to come to a physical store early when their doors open. In total, the company is looking to sell some 10 million units every month. "Our customers told us they wanted more systems, and by partnering with Nintendo, we delivered", said Bob Puzon, senior vice president of Merchandising for GameStop. Maybe the newer Nintendo Switch batches will be resolving the Joy-Con's connectivity issues and the shipment of the bent Nintendo Switch docks.

At $599.99, the Nintendo Switch Starter Bundle Two includes the Nintendo Switch System, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild game, Expansion Pass (digital) and Strategy Guide. The US retailers have warned the fans to check out the local stores first for availability and according to them, fans will be able to pick up one unit each next week.