Kellyanne Conway's husband reportedly tapped for DOJ post

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Despite these evasive koans, NY reporter Olivia Nuzzi assures her readers that Conway is actually a "chronic oversharer" possessed of an, "airy voice and cheeky sense of humor", and a "charming and magnetic", disposition.

When the possibility was brought up during the administration's transition, she told radio host that although she'd been offered the position, she "politely declined". Kellyanne sure couldn't it seems.

Conway's wife, Kellyanne, has been an influential member of the Trump team since the election.

No official announcement has been made at this point about Conway's coming nomination, but it has been reported by both The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.

"Slit my wrists, bleed out, put cement shoes on, jump off the bridge, and then I'll take the job - are you kidding me?"

Conway has been given a great deal of credit for the success of Trump's presidential campaign.

"As you imagine in President Trump's administration, communications will be a very important aspect for it and there will be a number of people handling that."

Conway prefers her "walk-in privileges" at the Oval Office. "Those are alternative facts", she said. Conway had previously been considered for the post of USA solicitor general, according to sources who spoke to CNN in December. I don't need to talk to him through the TV.

Conway really spewed fire toward the end, as the normally calm Kellyanne seemed to really let out some rage.

The division also handled national policy issues, which would likely mean it would be involved in the president's travel bans that are being held up in federal courts across the country.

Her working relationship with Donald Trump is super casual. That has been her job, or at least a significant part of it, since she joined the Trump campaign in August. She is also known for artfully defending the president in the press, but has been criticized for backing Trump's unsubstantiated claims, including his most recent allegation he was wiretapped by former President Obama.