Make room, Siri: Amazon Alexa just landed on iPhone

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Amazon is about to let anyone with an iPhone talk to its Alexa virtual assistant.

How does Alexa work on iOS devices? Having Alexa nestled within their main shopping app should add some convenience for Amazon users. You can also track your orders by saying "Track my last order".

Users will be able to ask Alexa for help with shopping, and also to stream books from their Kindle library, play media and request information such as news, weather or sports scores. Amazon hasn't given any word on whether or not it intends to launch this in other regions, but you have to imagine that it's coming soon. If the report is to be believed, you might be able to say things like "Alexa, order a chicken tandoori pizza", from the Amazon app while you are on your way back home.

Dubbed "Voice ID" the feature would allow the platform to make personalised recommendations based on the user and allow for multiple shopping accounts to be synced and utilised.

The update would also lead to a tighter competition between Alexa and Siri, for both have the ability to answer queries.

What can't Alexa do on iOS devices? But Siri is still iOS's primary voice assistant, which makes notions of total Alexa domination on iOS seem like a steep end goal.

"This program not only allows developers to create robust skills that use AWS services without worrying about costs, but also ensures that popular skills that hit more than one million calls per month are cost effective to maintain".

The updated Amazon app is rolling out this week, with U.S. customers getting the first experience, however the upgrade only appears to be on iOS devices for now. Even better is that it sounds like she's arriving on iOS with full functionality.

The update started rolling out today and will provide access to all the key features that can be found in the Echo smart speakers with which Alexa originally shipped three years ago.