JC Penney Releases List Of Upcoming Store Closures

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The company announced via a press release in February that it would be closing stores in an effort to redirect resources to invest in locations that offer the greatest revenue potential.

The Defiance JCPenney location is not on the list of upcoming store closures announced today by corporate headquarters.

J.C. Penney is opening at 3 p.m. on Thanksgiving and staying open until 5 p.m. on Black Friday. The Kemmerer store was JC Penny's very first store.

Belk, another of the anchor stores at Georgia Square, also recently renewed its lease, according to mall marketing director Monica Hawkins.

The liquidation process is scheduled to start on April 17.

The 138 figure includes seven Michigan-based stores, ranging from the Upper Peninsula to Battle Creek.

The Lincoln J.C. Penney store at Gateway Mall was not on the list, nor were any of the three Omaha-area locations.

About 5,000 positions will be cut from the nationwide store closures which will be completed by June, according to the company in a news release issued Friday. Two other Sears stores in Georgia, in Albany and Columbus, were among the stores being shuttered, as were Kmart stores in Columbus, Cornelia, Kingsland, Savannah, and Albany.

In addition to the Easton store at Easton Marketplace, the company is closing some 138 stores, or 14 percent of the stores in the company nationwide, during the next couple of months. CEO Marvin R. Ellison mentioned the "threat" that online retail presents in a statement announcing the changes. They plan to use the closures as a way to reevaluate their business plan to more effectively reach customers, maintaining their commitment to brick and mortar stores.