Woman confronts Trump health secretary at town hall about defunding Planned Parenthood

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I have every reason to feel strongly about supporting Planned Parenthood and the job it does in providing health coverage for any and all women who walk through their door, regardless of their ability to pay. Planned Parenthood now has 35 clinics in Texas and served more than 126,000 individual patients past year, including those seeking. Alina Salganicoff, director of women's health policy at the Kaiser Family Foundation, says that rollback will apply to enrollees in the government health care program who gained coverage as part of the ACA's Medicaid expansion.

Making Planned Parenthood the enemy ignores the things the organization does that are not politically charged, and actually function to prevent abortion.

Legislation that "defunds" Planned Parenthood is particularly cruel. In 68 percent of counties Planned Parenthood serves, at least half of family planning safety-net patients seek care at their clinics. The CBO estimates that the "defund" Planned Parenthood provision would result in reduced access to care for patients who live in areas where Planned Parenthood is the only health care option or where Planned Parenthood serves low-income populations. Over the 10-year budget window, that would add up to $77 million more in Medicaid spending on pregnancies, offsetting $234 million in money not spent on Planned Parenthood. Most of Planned Parenthood's procedures - and federal funds - are routine health care for men and women, such as mammograms, Pap smears, birth control, cancer and diabetes screenings. Republicans are more optimistic, with almost half expecting the plan to decrease costs and one-third saying it will increase the number of people covered. Medicaid recipients already experience difficulty accessing care due to a shortage of medical providers participating in the Medicaid program.

"We do so by providing those monies through community health centers".

With the clear amount of support for Planned Parenthood among the public and the growing lack of approval from Republican senators, hopefully the health care organization will be able to continue to provide critical services for Americans across the country. "I'm a Planned Parenthood patient, and I would be absolutely devastated if Planned Parenthood were defunded". From the release: Today as part of the growing response to the House GOP officially introducing their ACA repeal bill, which also contains provisions blocking patients access to Planned Parenthood, Planned Parenthood supporters in Arizona will take action and deliver petitions to Rep. Martha McSally's office in Tucson. Nearly half are uninsured. Many women reported traveling across the border for treatment, in fact; Adriana couldn't afford to have her ovarian cysts removed in the U.S.so she went to Mexico, swimming across the river to get back to her family each time because she is undocumented.

With all due respect, sir, there is nothing silly about women defending their rights - including their right to accessible, affordable health care. "We're not taking anything for granted anymore, and we want Donovan and Congress to hear us".

Regardless of what side of the party line Americans fall on, it seems like the majority agree that Planned Parenthood provides necessary services and should be funded.