WWE Smackdown: Shane McMahon has challenged AJ Styles at WrestleMania 33

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He goes to the main event at Wrestlemania. This combined with his antics in the gorilla position following last week's SmackDown are providing a nice platform for a WrestleMania match with McMahon.

SmackDown then had The Miz and Maryse talking about how they were the power couple of the WWE and John Cena and Nikki Bella had fake love. However, for that to happen Cena would have to outlast five other men in steel structure known as the Elimination Chamber.

Will AJ Styles' actions on SmackDown Live this week land him on Monday Night Raw? In fact, if Styles continues to excel as he has, he should absolutely headline WWE's Show of Shows, representing either brand in a world championship match.

According to Styles, the front office has failed in giving him a proper rematch for the belt that now resides around the shoulders of Bray Wyatt. However, Orton instead claimed allegiance to his fellow Wyatt Family member and gave up his championship chance. It is of course Wrestlemania season and while AJ Styles had been rumoured to be facing WWE Smackdown commissioner Shane McMahon on the grandest stage of them all, the storyline only began to come in to its own last night.

Maryse has been at The Miz's side just about every week since returning to WWE programming a year ago, but she has been more or less a sidekick in many ways. The Phenomenal One was also displeased with not having an opponent for WrestleMania.

Cutting to the chase, Bryan fired Styles for the onslaught, but later, as the show came to a close, McMahon, shirt torn and limping, somehow summoned the strength to make his way from the backstage area to address the crowd for a brief few words.

Universal Champion Goldberg is only scheduled for one more episode of RAW before his current contract expires at WrestleMania 33. To simply put them in a free-for-all style match would not do enough to really get the WWE Universe behind the bout itself.

Therefore, WWE can not afford to keep Styles in the background next year at WrestleMania. After Orton set Wyatt's property ablaze how further will these to go? Maybe Styles needs to win to get his job back on SmackDown. This Tuesday on Smackdown Live we are sure to figure out the fate of these three men and more.