Jeans With Windows For Your Knees Are Now A Thing

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They are called Clear Knee Mom Jeans, made by Topshop.

Another review says, "Finally my knees have been begging for a futuristic feel for years and I kept telling them they are way ahead of the times now they will be very happy that I can give them this wonderful gift".

What's not to love about the latest in jean fashions from Topshop over at Nordstrom?

The MOTO Clear Panel Mom Jeans are available for $95 on TopShop's USA site as well as on, making them a very real product that is apparently not a joke.

That being said, others were more open-minded and supported the clear knee style saying, "Can someone buy these for me please".

The unique denim styles are definitely different.

"Every trend isn't for everyone", Turner-Fleming concedes. They certainly wouldn't appeal to one who is a preppy or classic fashionista.

Confused shoppers, take note of Topshop's directions: "Wear them folded at the cuffs to keep them looking cool".

If you've ever wanted to wear a pair of jeans, while also seeming to wear shorts, but then changing your mind and having the jeans continue after the break, Nordstrom has the product for you. I wait no longer and they match perfectly!

If you can't resist you can get a pair here.

So is this a fashion-forward look at what's coming next or a nod back to the 80s jeans with cut-outs on the backsides? She is the author of The Unofficial Guide to Starting a Small Business and many others.