Xbox Scorpio Supports 4K 60fps Game Capture, Has An Internal Power Supply

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New reports about the console's design and functionality have now surfaced, pointing to a slim design not all that unlike the Xbox One S design that we got a year ago. Spencer says the system will carry a "premium" price tag, more than the $300 Xbox One S, but that's all we know for now.

An exclusive report on Windows Central states that the upcoming console will feature full support for HEVC decoding and encoding as well as the VP9 codec for 4K streams.

The Xbox One S was the first Xbox console to feature an internal power brick.

The Xbox One Scorpio has promised a very powerful console for Microsoft's fans, or those that might want the more impressive premium console than the Playstation 4 Pro.

"I can't speak for Microsoft, but from our point of view they seem very committed to, you know, if you buy an Xbox One, whether it's a One, or an S, or a Scorpio you're going to buy a game and play it on any of them".

According to the games director, Shadow of War looked spectacular in 4k and HDR on the Xbox Scorpio, and now Monolith studio head, Kevin Stephens, has backed up Microsoft by claiming they haven't lied about Scorpios power. As it stands now, with smaller details like the internal PSU being discussed, it would seem that all the bigger ones have been ironed out - meaning Microsoft's new console could be making quite the splash at Microsoft's E3 presentation this summer.

As more news about Project Scorpio circulates, gamers should get a better sense of what to expect from the E3 2017 presentation.

The PS4 Pro is now the best console for streaming, offering 1080p and 60fps. The current Xbox One only manages to output 720p 30fps streams.

The real questions, like just how far along Project Scorpio's development has come and what sort of games will be appearing in its launch lineup, will likely take center stage during this year's presentation.