You Make Me Sick

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"I told him that I was going to take the photo anyway", she said.

Which gives you some backstory for what took place in Melbourne yesterday, when 20-year-old Belieber Sabah Helal tried to take a selfie with the Biebs. "Look at you. You make me sick", before sticking a lollipop in his mouth and getting in his vehicle.

Look, Justin Bieber is not someone I would defend with my life, but if someone says "no pictures" that's what they mean.

Snubbing her request, Bieber replied: "You're invading my privacy, I don't want a photo". She described his treatment towards Sabah 'disgusting'.

'My daughter was bawling her eyes out. From queuing five months in advance for tickets to a Bieber show, to being punched in the face by him and having their meet and greets canceled because of their 'depressing spiritual energy, ' Justin Bieber does not make it easy for his adoring army of Beliebers to shower him with their unwavering affections.

Justin began the Australian leg of his Purpose World Tour in Perth this week, interacting with fans.

Apparently at the performance that evening Bieber kept hands in his pockets for the first few songs and was apparently as charismatic as a particularly odious slug - so about the same as normal then. Apparently fans weren't overly impressed with Justin's concert in Melbourne on Friday with fans and reviewers saying he looked "stone-faced" and "expressionless".

"So disappointed with Justin Bieber" wrote one Facebook user adding that he put 'zero effort into it.' "Couldn't decide if he was bored or just trying to be edgy", another user wrote.

Writing on Instagram, the star shared: "If you happen to see me out somewhere know that I'm not gonna take a picture I'm done taking pictures".

'It was fricken awesome!