Who Is Carlos The Jackal? Political Terrorist Going Back To Court

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Georges Holleaux, a lawyer representing the two widows of the men killed and 16 other people affected, said they relished the chance to finally see Carlos in court.

The Venezuelan-born Ilich Ramirez Sanchez is accused of throwing a hand grenade from a mezzanine restaurant into a shopping area in the the Latin Quarter of Paris.

Two people were killed and 34 others were injured in the attack.

Ramirez Sanchez, 67, was once one of the world's most wanted terror suspects for carrying out several killings in the name of Palestinian and communist causes, including a bombing on a train traveling between Paris and Toulouse in 1982 that killed five people.

"The victims have been waiting so long for Ramirez to be judged and convicted".

Paris - Carlos the Jackal, the perpetrator of headline-grabbing attacks in the 1970s and early 1980s, goes on trial in France on Monday for the deadly bombing of a Paris shop more than 40 years ago.

If convicted of first-degree murders in the latest trial, the Marxist guerrilla who became a symbol of Cold War anti-imperialism could get a third life sentence.

Ramirez was dubbed Carlos the Jackal by the press, named after the fictional terrorist in the 1971 Frederick Forsyth novel, The Day of the Jackal, which was turned into a popular film.

The case will be heard by a special court made up of professional judges and with no jurors, as is the custom with terrorism trials in France. "Their wounds have never healed", he said.

Some years later, in a newspaper interview which Ramirez now denies having given, he was quoted as claiming responsibility for the drugstore attack, saying its aim was to put pressure on French authorities to wrap up negotiations with the hostage-takers in The Hague.

The prosecution maintain that the grenade attack was linked to a larger plot, which included a hostage situation at the French embassy in The Hague on September 13, 1974.

One of the world's most notorious political terrorists was headed back to court Monday for an attack that took place in 1974.

One was also found at the Paris home of Carlos's mistress. He has denied involvement and pleaded innocent.

In his latest trial, which began in a Paris court on Monday, he faces charges including murder over the September 15, 1974 grenade attack on the Publicis drugstore in central Paris, which also injured 34.