Unusual bedfellows as Immigrants back Hanson's One Nation

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'We are really going to have to have a good look at this because all I heard all day leading up to this election was 'why are you sending your preferences to the Liberal party?'

"The Labor voters that wanted to vote for us they said, 'oh no we want Colin Barnett gone, ' it was all about Colin Barnett, they wanted him gone".

'Major parties, have no doubt, they see me and One Nation as a threat to their political existence'.

Speaking to 2GB, federal Treasurer Scott Morrison said both the Liberal Party and Pauline Hanson's One Nation "got a message on the weekend".

Pauline Hanson during her live crosses at the Melvilee Bowling Club tonight after the Western Australian State election.

And despite Pauline Hanson putting the boots into their new preference pals the Liberals for their abysmal showing in the WA election, One Nation have only themselves to blame.

She labelled the victors Labor "liars cheats and hypocrites" for placing the Liberals above One Nation on how-to-vote cards 'so they can not be trusted'.

With 67 per cent of the vote counting on Saturday night, One Nation's primary vote was a dismal 4.7 per cent.

SYDNEY-The global rise of nationalist politics suffered a setback in the heart of Australia's mining belt, as an anti-immigrant party won fewer votes than expected in state elections, contributing to a crushing loss for the government. "You've just got to take your medicine on that and move forward".

Hanson said her party had been dragged down by the Liberals.

Like the Liberals, One Nation disrespected their followers by assuming they would be happy jumping into bed with the Liberals.

Support for Turnbull is at its lowest since he grabbed power in a party-room coup in September 2015 and party disharmony has been magnified as voters abandon the mainstream amid a resurgence among far-right parties such as One Nation.

However Mr Nicholls repeated his party's commitment to preference at the next election on a seat-by-seat basis.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is facing internal and external pressure to rule out a preference deal with One Nation federally, but on Sunday refused to rule out future deals.

"All the imbroglio with regards to preferences means people start to over-assess and exaggerate what they think the support is of their new partner and they also just confuse their constituencies", he said. It's in the Liberal Party's interests to be close to the National Party, and it's in the National Party's interests to be close to the Liberal Party.