Mrs. Merkel Goes To Washington: German Chancellor Will Meet President Trump Tuesday

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NY [U.S.], March 14 (ANI): The meeting between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and U.S. President Donald Trump has been postponed due to a looming winter storm in Washington.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel allegedly made a decision to keep the border open for refugees in September 2015 because she feared clashes between migrants and police would look bad on television. Instead, the building of trust will be Merkel's main goal, her government's coordinator for trans-Atlantic relations said.

The reserved German leader herself underlined that she is travelling to Washington not only as Germany's leader, but also as an envoy of the EU. The meeting between the West's two pre-eminent leaders will be closely studied as both have contrasting views on a range of issues from Russian Federation policy to refugees.

NPR News: German Chancellor Merkel Speaks With Trump - "Merkel and Trump also said they will work to deepen ties between their countries".

But the Trump administration-whose officials have already sniped at Germany for its hefty trade surplus-shouldn't mistake Mrs. Merkel's pursuit of good. This hour On Point: When Angela Merkel meets Donald Trump.

Merkel will be accompanied by an army of business leaders, but this time the delegation faces an uncertain reception as Trump advocates for an "America First" policy.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer said the two leaders discussed the new schedule by phone on Monday, hours before a snowstorm is set to hit the East Coast.

Indirectly referring to Trump's isolationist economic leanings, she said "even if in parts of the world we see protectionist and nationalist approaches on the rise, Europe may never isolate, seal itself off or withdraw".