Facebook Messenger Day is a Snapchat Stories rip off

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This news looks to just be compounding an already-dire situation for Snapchat, which has seen its stock prices drop around 24 percent over the last two days. So, tapping on, say, a Brooklyn sticker in a story will take you to Instagram's location page for Brooklyn. The feature is also extremely easy to master for those loyal Facebook users who haven't branched out to use the other messaging apps. The new feature works in nearly exactly the same manner as Snapchat, letting users to share photos and videos to a story within the Messenger app, adding filters and stickers.

M Day is like Facebook's Messenger app, but with a multimedia story about your day.

After taking or selecting a photo or video they want to share, users have the option of adding fun effects.

To add art and effects, tap the smiley face icon in the top right and then tap to add to your photo or video. Users can also manually search for the sticker they are looking for. You can also add text over your images by tapping the "Aa" icon, and you can overlay a drawing by tapping the squiggly line in the top right corner. The user can change the color by sliding along the rainbow bar on the right. All posts will disappear within 24 hours, which is basically the same way Snapchat's Stories platform works.

This addition to Instagram was one of the last unique features that Snapchat has held over Facebook's image-sharing network, and with this now complete, the final note (which is likely coming) is the augmented reality Snapchat filters that keeps users on that platform. You can then add directly to your day, save it to your phone's camera roll, and/or you can choose to send it to a specific person or group of people.

Similar to Snapchat Stories, the Messenger Day lets you click photos and videos and post the self-destructing content within the Messenger. This option will pop up underneath the media in the chat.

Late a year ago, Instagram released the Snapchat Stories kind of feature and there were reports that Facebook is also working on a similar feature within the Facebook app.