Starbucks Just Announced Its First-Ever Spring Cups

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We bet you can easily conjure that white cup with the green mermaid logo to your mind's eye in an instant.

The introduction of the new Starbucks seasonal cups for spring will be the first time that the coffee chain has ever put out cups for the season. For instance, the turquoise grande cup features an umbrella and raindrops, while the yellow venti cup has a smiling sun, and the green tall cup features a bunny doodle. The pastel-coloured coffee cups celebrate the company's first line of spring cups.

We have to say, the light blue, yellow and green hot-beverage cups sure are cute - and if you're already planning your Instagram shot in your head, be sure to snatch one up when they come out on March 16, in USA and Canadian stores for - we repeat - a few days only.

Bright solid colors adorn the designs of the cup, leaving one white circular gap that users, or the barista, can draw characters or pictures on. Needless to say, the 2016 Christmas cups featured drawings of all kinds of elements related to Christmas.

After a long winter, Starbucks is flinging into spring with its new line of spring cups.

A news editor at the food website Eater has attempted to preempt some of the outrage. Well, now it's Spring's turn, as it's getting its own pastel line of hot drink cups.

Patch has reached out to Starbucks for more information and will update this post as we hear back.