Sales of Ivanka Trump's products skyrocket

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For a number of retailers, the Trump brand was a top online performer and in certain categories, it was the best performance ever by the brand, said the president of the fashion brand Abigail Klem.

Being a private company, the Ivanka Trump brand has denied disclosing the figures of the product sale. From January to February of this year, Ivanka Trump's sales increased 346 percent.

Ivanka Trump stepped down from her role in managing the eponymous company after her father was elected president.

The record-setting sales are noteworthy because they occurred around the time that retail giants Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, T.J. Maxx, Kmart and Marshalls dropped Ivanka's clothing line after Shannon Coulter's "Grab Your Wallet" movement pressured them to boycott Trump products. Citing data from fashion e-commerce website Lyst, the Post reported that the first daughter's fashion-oriented brand was only at No. 550 in the world in terms of orders as of January 2017. He also said that some of the weeks in the February month displayed really great performance, which has never been experienced before. The biggest spike, according to Lyst, came on February 9, when sales jumped by 219 percent from the day before.

Currently, the fashion line of Ivanka Trump can be seen in almost 80 stores or more in the United States and the company wishes to expand their business to another 200 stores more.

"To see such an extreme spike in one month is completely unheard of and came as a huge surprise to us", Lyst spokeswoman Sarah Tanner told the BBC earlier this week. At least according to a profile piece that only spoke with the new president of the first daughter's brand. Purchases from her line were also up 148 percent at Macy's and nearly a third at Bloomingdale's. Slice Intelligence said the store's online sales rose 148 percent in January and February 2017 compared to the same two months previous year. These figures, however, appear to have plateaued, as sales began "tapering off" toward the end of last month.

"I think if a lot of people do a small thing and don't buy a certain brand it can effect the brand". I support the Trumps!

Sales of the fashion line dropped 26 percent in January but surged online in February, growing by some 207 percent, including 332 percent growth on Amazon, which replaced Nordstrom as the brand's top retailer.

Nordstrom's stock is actually up 4% over the last 30 days, but it's still down 7% year to date.