There's More to Daniel Bryan's Wrestling Return Than Just Talk

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There are still many conflicting reports on Bryan's retirement, future with the WWE, and dreams of returning to indie wrestling. This past Tuesday on Talking Smack, Bryan gave life to those rumors once again; when The Miz called him out for no longer being able to wrestle, Bryan made a surprising retort about what he'd be doing in a year and a half. While it's unlikely that WWE will clear Bryan to wrestle by next year, Meltzer noted that one of Bryan's goals has been to work in CMLL and to do an angle building to a hair vs. hair match at their anniversary show. "We'll see in a year and a half, we'll see what happens".

Daniel Bryan was one of the first independent wrestlers to make a successful transition from the independent ring to a WWE ring.

Bryan would then reply by saying that he would like to wrestle, but WWE won't let him due to his concussion problems. He took several months off before returning last summer to become the general manager of SmackDown.

While it's seemed odd for Miz to continuously bring this up with Bryan if it weren't going to lead to an eventual "one more match", Smackdown has been great about weaving bits of reality into their storylines.

We could be seeing Daniel Bryan back in a wrestling ring in the foreseeable future.

"The Miz calling out Bryan for obeying doctors' orders is a key part of their feud".

Like the vast majority of his fans, I don't have the medical credentials to say that Daniel Bryan should or should not wrestle for WWE and return to in-ring action. But with WWE taking stock of concussions and brain injuries and their effects on athletes of all kinds, it just wouldn't be realistic or sensible to expect Bryan back in a WWE ring, or any kind of wrestling ring for that matter, as the risks are simply too high.