Hillary Clinton Stands With Women's Strike in Red Pantsuit

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Since her surprise loss to Donald Trump in the presidential election, Clinton has kept largely private but with her Girls Inc. speech and plans to speak Wednesday at an International Women's Day event in Washington, D.C., she is gradually moving back into the public arena. Real actors portrayed the two, doing their best to copy inflection, body language and behavior, all while quoting actual debate dialogue verbatim.

Clinton did not name Trump in her 15-minute speech.

Salvatore reflected, "The majority of my extended family voted for Trump".

"Too often, starting at such a young age, they hear messages - they aren't good enough, deserving enough, smart enough", she said. The former secretary of state made a rare post-election public appearance at a Girls Inc. event in NY on Tuesday, March 7. "I have also been buoyed by the love and support that I have received by the young women I have mentored over my lifetime". In responding to an inflammatory remark about Germany by Turkey's president, she said, "One can not seriously comment on such misplaced statements".

The award honors Clinton for her life-long commitment to advocating on behalf of girls and women. "Let's help them shatter stereotypes and lift each other up".

Describing the need to support this next generation "in every way we can", Clinton applauded the future female politicians and leaders.

"Now I've had my ups and downs; in the last months, I've done my share of sleeping, a little soul-searching and reflecting, long walks in the woods", she said, poking fun at all the times people spotted her hiking near her home in the Chappaqua, NY, after the election.

A number of former Clinton aides have heeded that charge. The group will aim to help recruit, train and fund first-time candidate for office.

'Our country can only fulfill its potential when every single child - particularly, every girl - can fulfill hers, ' Clinton said.

Still, she said, "the unfinished business of the 21st century is the full equality of women".