Microsoft Surface Phone Is All Talk, No Action

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Moreover, there were some reports claiming that Microsoft may be planning to launch its latest Windows 10 update with a product capable of running it right away. Furthermore, recent leaks have strongly suggested that Microsoft has developed a new Surface Pen for its upcoming flagship devices, including the much-discussed Surface Pro 5.

What about the highly anticipated new iPad Pro for 2017?

It added that the unavailability of Microsoft Surface Pro 3 on online stores is an indication that a new flagship will be released soon. While we maintain that Surface Phone won't come out until Redstone 3 is released this fall, we could see Surface Pro 5 come within the next month or so.

There's also a possibility that Surface Pro 5 will ship with Surface Dial, the new input device that Microsoft unveiled at the launch of the Surface Studio PC. The page displays a device with the title tag "win10-feature-surface-pro-5-z". But for now, there are varying reports about its release date.

REUTERS/Brendan McDermidMicrosoft is rumored to be releasing the Pro 5 this spring. This is for a planned LTE installation for the Surface Pro 5's mobile connectivity upgrade. These leaks are considered a hint that device is definitely on its way. Another additional information for Surface Pro 5 is that it can function as full laptop or tablet, while the iPad Pro 2 can only be used as a tablet. It is also expected that it will come with a USB Type-C support and a large battery capacity. If the Surface Pro 5 will be equipped with a 4k display, a bigger and sharper screen than the Surface Pro 4's 12.3-inch screen will reportedly be better. Many tech experts believe that Microsoft would launch the device in October of 2016. There have also been a lot of rumors as to the specifications of the Surface Pro 5.

The Creators Update is expected to arrive this April. For those hunting with a budget, Microsoft will ship Surface Pro 5 with lesser RAM spaces in the series.

And that's something Microsoft can't afford to ignore just because there's a massive amount of potential user interest in the device.