Five Unaccounted for in MA House Fire

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Fire Officials said a mother and four children were killed when flames swept through their rural MA home early Saturday.

The fire began around 12:45 a.m. Saturday at the home on Richmond Road in Warwick, a town that had fewer than 100 residents at the time of the 2010 U.S. Census. "When we got on scene, the house was totally engulfed".

"Windows were blown out, the roof was caving in, we didn't have a chance to knock it town", Gates said while holding back tears at a press conference on Saturday. The fire appeared to originate from a wood stove near the kitchen, according to Gates.

The father and one of the children escaped, officials said.

The missing include an adult and children, according to David Procopio, a spokesman for the State Police.

"It is a tragic and heartbreaking situation", Procopio said. The home is located in a remote area. "They are in the process of searching for victims and collecting evidence".

The investigation into the origin and cause of the fire is being jointly conducted by the Warwick fire and police departments and state police assigned to the Office of the State Fire Marshal, the Office of the Northwestern District Attorney and Code Compliance Office in the Department of Fire Services.

The bodies of the victims were recovered in the rubble of the home several hours later after the fire was extinguished, authorities said. The incident is truly devastating for the town with a population of 900.

"This is a huge blow to our community that we are only beginning to realize", Town Coordinator Young said. It appears accidental, according to state Fire Marshal Peter Ostroskey.