George W. Bush warns against 'isolationist tendency' in US

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Had you put one on? "That's for sure", Bush said with a chuckle. While the two discussed his art, the current presidency and his friendship with Michelle Obama, DeGeneres ultimately brought up the pressing issue at hand: whether or not he had ever worn a poncho. "Was that the first time?" she asked.

The former president opens up about his relationship with the Obamas and the trouble he experienced putting on a rain poncho at President Trump's inauguration.

Ellen DeGeneres gave President George W. Bush a poncho with clearer instructions. Now Bush is expanding on his fondness for the former First Lady, saying that they're just a couple of people who like to laugh together. "That's what's so weird about society today, (the surprise) that people on opposite sides of the political spectrum can actually like each other".

When Obama embraced Bush at the opening ceremony for the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture in September, the photo of their warm interaction went viral.

"Here's what I believed when I was president, post-president: The nation needs a free and independent press", he told DeGeneres.

Bush, 70, said it was not his intent to criticize his successors at the White House and he is optimistic about the future.

Bush had a big problem at Donald Trump's inauguration.

Suggesting that not only did he find the popular photos amusing, the 43rd commander-in-chief seemed to appreciate that his former vice president wasn't done hovering over him like a pacemaker-powered mother hen.

"He's got a chip on his shoulder", Bush added, "I had a contentious relationship with him and I think whoever the president is, is going to find out that Putin will push and push and push until somebody stands up to him".