Monopoly Is Doing Away With One Of Its Iconic Pieces

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The thimble - a piece of sewing equipment used to protect a seamstress' thumb or other fingers- was among the original six game pieces when Monopoly first hit the market back in 1935.

Hey Monopoly fans, say "sew long" to the iconic Thimble token. Hasbro had fans vote on which pieces should be included in the next generation of Monopoly. Voting wrapped up at the end of January, and now game maker Hasbro is slowly sharing the results, starting with the demise of the thimble.

The soon-to-be removed piece in question?

It lost out to favourites such as the top hat, the mini motor auto, the recently introduced cat (which was responsible for ejecting the iron in 2013) and the Scottie dog.

Fans of the board game took to Twitter to mourn the loss, many using the hashtag #SaveTheThimble. Some of the new tokens that were up for consideration this year included a penguin, rubber duck, TV, watch, and an emoji of Mr. Monopoly.

Hasbro has not divulged what the new player token for Monopoly will be, though they intend to unveil all eight tokens on March 19th, a date they refer to as World Monopoly Day. And the new games roll out in August. The remaining pieces still making their way around the boards are the cat (which replaced the iron), the Scottish Terrier, the battleship, the automobile, the top hat, the wheelbarrow, and the shoe.